High definition prenatal ultrasound

Welcome to Something to Crow About Health Clinic, your destination for 4D/5D ultrasound services in Hutchinson, MN. Embracing the latest in medical imaging technology, we’re proud to offer our community access to exceptional high definition ultrasound experiences without the hassle of insurance.

Our affordable cash ultrasound services start at just $50.

Capture your baby’s first smile

Discover the difference with our ultrasound service in Hutchinson, MN. At our clinic, we understand that seeing your baby for the first time is a magical moment. Our 4D/5D ultrasound services bring this experience to life with stunning clarity and detail. These advanced ultrasounds offer real-time images, giving you a first glimpse of your baby’s movements and features in incredible depth.

Ultrasound Packages

A variety of ultrasound services for every need

From gender reveal scans to comprehensive health check-ups, each session is tailored to your unique needs. We offer a range of packages to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Plus, with our flexible scheduling, you can plan your visit at a time that works best for you.

Basic heartbeat check $50

  • 10-minute 2D scan
  • Heartbeat Buddies available to purchase separately for $20/each

Basic gender ultrasound $100

  • 10-15 minute 2D scan
  • Digital photos to email
  • Heartbeat Buddies available to purchase separately for $20/each

Deluxe gender ultrasound $150

  • 30-minute 3D scan
  • Digital photos/live video/heartbeat to email
  • Heartbeat Buddy

Pregnancy journey package $300

3 visits:

  • 1st visit between 8-12 weeks (or save for 33+ weeks) – 2D
  • 2nd visit between 13-25 weeks (includes gender identification) -3D
  • 3rd visit between 26-32 weeks – 3D

Each session includes 20 minute ultrasound session and digital images

You will receive 1 Heartbeat Buddy during the visit of your choice

A-la-carte products

Small Heartbeat Buddy $25

Available to pick up anytime.

Large Heartbeat Buddy $35

Available to pick up anytime.

Keepsake Jewelry - starting at $65

Available to pick up anytime.

Sneak Peek Early Gender Test $105

Available starting at 6 weeks gestation.

Our patients love having access to cash ultrasound services in Hutchinson, MN

Very professional and knowledgeable staff! They answer your questions or concerns in a timely manner. I’m very pleased with my experience with them! I would highly recommend Something To Crow About Health!

Jody McCormick

The staff and product are amazing! No issues whatsoever. Great communication and everything is shipped right to my door. So glad we found this clinic and product. It’s a huge game changer. Thanks for offering these services and helping those that would not be able to get it otherwise.

Angie Hudson

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