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Our story

Redefining your healthcare journey

You’re not just a name on a chart. You’re an individual with unique healthcare needs and preferences, looking for a primary care provider that listens, understands, and puts you first. That’s why Something to Crow About was born: To serve as your partner in achieving better health.

We get it—navigating today’s healthcare and insurance maze can feel overwhelming. You’re tired of rushed appointments, one-size-fits-all treatments, and surprise medical bills. That’s why we’re flipping the script. As a team of experienced nurse practitioners, we were frustrated by the inefficiencies and limitations of traditional healthcare options and founded Something to Crow About in 2022 to bring back the essence of medicine: compassionate, personalized care that works for you.

From our inception in 2022, our journey has been driven by one simple belief: healthcare should be about people, not profits. We offer what large healthcare systems cannot: the luxury of individualized care and a close-knit community of patients and providers, but we are more than just another healthcare option; we’re a community-centric, affordable alternative that you can rely on.

If you’ve been looking to experience healthcare that’s not only evidence-based but also soul-based, reach out to Something to Crow About. We are here to help you take control of your healthcare journey and enjoy a healthier life.

What we believe

Our philosophy

All care, including alternative care, should be evidence-based

We’re committed to offering treatments and recommendations grounded in scientific evidence. We don’t chase trends; we follow facts. Our focus on evidence-based care ensures that you’re receiving healthcare you can trust.

Reviving the art and soul of medicine

We feel that the current healthcare system has been overwhelmed by bureaucracy and profit motives, overshadowing the true essence of medical care. We’re taking a stand to bring the focus back to the art and soul of medicine.

Health insurance isn't the only option (and often not the best option for everyday needs)

We feel that the current healthcare system has been overwhelmed by bureaucracy and profit motives, overshadowing the true essence of medical care. We’re taking a stand to bring the focus back to the art and soul of medicine.

Patients should be at the center of healthcare

At the heart of everything we do is the well-being of our patients. We take the time to listen, understand, and address your individual health concerns, fostering a closer, trusted relationship. Unhindered by the constraints of insurance regulations and hospital systems, we offer a range of services tailored to you.

Meet your care team

Jennifer Christensen


Jennifer (Jenny) grew up in Watertown MN, graduating from Watertown-Mayer High School in 1998. She got her Masters Degree in Nurse Midwifery from Bethel University in 2016. Working as a midwife in a small rural community, she desired to continue to see her families beyond their immediate childbirth years. This led her to a post-Masters certificate as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Graceland University in 2019. She continues to work in this northern Minnesota practice delivering babies and taking care of families throughout the lifespan. Jenny’s experience in a traditional healthcare setting allowed her to see that there are some clear gaps in the medical system and with a passion in rural healthcare and local communities, she set out to offer an alternative model of care to the community in which she has lived for the last 25 years. Something To Crow About Health Clinic was born out of the idea that the clinic is located on the Crow River and that high quality, personable health care truly is Something To Crow About! In her spare time, Jenny can be found on the farm with her husband John and 4 dogs. Together, they enjoy raising and showing registered Shetland show ponies all over the country.

Carol Eggersgluess


Carol grew up in Hector, Minnesota. She has always worked in healthcare, first as a nursing assistant during her high school years, and through college. She became an LPN in 1989, an RN in 2001 and a nurse practitioner in 2016. She has worked in many areas of healthcare including as a clinic nurse, doing homecare and hospice, pediatrics hematology/oncology, management, OB, and most recently doing family practice. She is married (to Brad) and currently lives in Glencoe. She has 4 daughters, 2 of whom are still home, 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson (oh yeah 2 dogs and 1 cat). She likes repurposing furniture, playing with her cricut, reading and fishing (both on ice and water.) She loves caring for people and have a special interest in wellness and health promotion.

Stephanie Lowe


Stephanie brings 10+ years of Nursing experience to the team at Something to Crow About Health Clinic. A varied clinical background including Emergency Department, Post Partum care, inpatient Psychiatric services, and Occupational Medicine provide Stephanie with a well-rounded knowledge base and a keen eye for the intricacies of rural healthcare. Stephanie is passionate about serving the needs of the patient and believes that everyone should have access to high quality affordable healthcare that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the provider/patient relationship. Stephanie enjoys spending her free time with her children and family, reading a good book, or fishing on one of the local lakes.

Briana Wehde

Administrative Assistant

Briana Wehde brings 19 years of customer service experience to the table, making her a seasoned professional in understanding and meeting the needs of clients. Her extensive business background equips her with a strategic mindset and a keen eye for growth opportunities. But what truly sets Briana apart is her compassion. She genuinely cares about helping others. Whether it’s resolving an issue or going the extra mile, she consistently strives to exceed expectations. She is excited to be pursuing her medical assistant degree this fall at Ridgewater College. Briana’s dedication to service excellence makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Outside of work Briana enjoys spending time with family and her dog, doing things outdoors including camping & boating & gardening in the summer.

Joshua Lowe

Operations Manager

Joshua joins Something to Crow About Health Clinic as an Operations Manager, coordinating behind the scenes processes to improve patient experience. Joshua brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his previous business ventures including a strong foundation of providing excellent customer service to a varied and diverse population of patients.
During his free time Joshua enjoys spending time with his children and
family, fishing, and camping

Leslie Walters 


Leslie is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has dedicated her career to providing compassionate patient care. Growing up in Austin, TX, Leslie discovered her passion for nursing early on. In 2001, she moved to Minnesota to pursue her dreams.
Leslie began her nursing education at Ridgewater College in Hutchinson, MN, where she obtained her Associate Degree in Nursing. Driven by her commitment to excellence in patient care, she continued on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN.
But Leslie didn’t stop there. Her love for learning and desire to provide the highest level of care to her patients motivated her to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing. This advanced degree equipped Leslie with the knowledge and skills to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Throughout her career, Leslie has gained valuable experience working in diverse healthcare settings, including Family Practice, Urgent Care, and Aesthetics. She takes pride in building trusting relationships with her patients and helping them achieve optimal health and wellness.
When not caring for patients, Leslie enjoys spending quality time with her family in their hometown of Dassel, MN. Her nursing journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication, passion for continued education, and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.


Paramedical Tattoo Artist

Vanessa’s dedication to tattooing extends beyond the realm of artistry; she’s also deeply committed to the therapeutic aspect of her work, particularly in the realm of paramedical tattooing. She has honed her skills to aid in her clients healing journey. In paramedical tattooing, Vanessa’s attentiveness and creativity take on a new dimension, as she collaborates with clients to create designs that not only enhance aesthetics but also empower individuals on their path to recovery and self-acceptance.
Vanessa believes that tattoos are for everyone, regardless of body type or skin tone, and her inclusive approach ensures that all clients feel seen and valued. Her trauma-informed practice ensures that each client feels safe and supported throughout their tattooing experience. Whether it’s camouflaging scars, reconstructing areolas after breast surgery, or any other paramedical tattooing need, Vanessa’s wholehearted dedication shines through, fostering conversations that are as enriching as the tattoos themselves.

Get primary care focused on you

Instead of dealing with confusing and costly insurance claims, you pay flat, affordable fees to get access to a dedicated primary care provider for your primary care needs. 

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